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Operations |  Robert |


Producer (P) / Engineer (E) / Mixer (M) / Musician (B)


The Bird & The Bee          Daytrotter Sessions (2015) E/M

Kim Deal                          Forthcoming Sessions (2014) E

George Clinton                 Forthcoming (2015) E

Eric Hutchinson                Pure Fiction (2014) E

Everest                             Ownerless (2012) E

Dionne Warwick / Billy Ray Cyrus      Feels So Good (2014) E  

Matt Mays                      Once Upon A Hell of a Time (2016) E

Various The Space Between (Film | Forthcoming ) M

Nick Luca: 

Neko Case                         Middle Cyclone (2009) GRAMMY NOMINATED E

Neko Case                         Blacklisted (2002) E

M. Ward                              To Go Home (2007) E/B

M. Ward                              Post War (2006) E/B

M. Ward                              Por Vida (2004) E/B

Iron & Wine and Calexico   In the Reins (2005) E/B

David Rawlings Machine    Daytrotter Sessions E

Swell Season                      Daytrotter Sessions E

Devotchka                          How It Ends (2004) E/B

Devotchka                          Una Volta (2003) B

Calexico                             Road Atlas (2011) E/B

Calexico                              Carried to Dust (2011) E/B

Calexico                               Feast of Wire (2004) E/B

Calexico                               Hot Rail (2000) E/B

Calexico                               Convict Pool (2004) E/B

Calexico                              Even My Sure Things Fall Through (2001) E/B

Califone                              Stitches (2013) E      

John Doe                             Keeper (2011) AE

John Doe                              Golden State (2000) B

Margaret Cho                    Cho Dependent (2010) GRAMMY NOMINATED E/B

Evan Dando                        Baby I’m Bored (2003) E

Richard Buckner                Devotion & Doubt (1997) E

Robyn Hitchcock               Goodnight Oslo (2009) E

Howe Gelb                         Mars Film Soundtrack (2010) E/M/B

Howe Gelb                         The Listener (2003) E/M/B

Howe Gelb                          Confluence (2001) E/B

New Pornographers            Challengers (2007) E

Giant Sand                         Provisions (2008) E/B

Giant Sand                         It’s All Over The Map (2004) E/B

Giant Sand                          Cover Magazine (2003) E/B

Giant Sand                          Chore of Enchantment (2000) E/B

Beth Orton                          Comfort of Strangers (2006) E/B

Various The Space Between (Film | Forthcoming ) P | E | M


The Eagles                         The  Long Road Out Of Eden (2010) #1 Record / 3X Platinum E

Foo Fighters                      In Your Honor (2005) #2 Album / Nominated 7 Grammies E

Foo Fighters                      “I Feel Free" Foo Fighters EP (2005) E/M

Eric Hutchinson                 This is What I Sound Like (2007) Top 10 iTunes Album E

Ben Lee                             Various (2007) E

Adele                                  Resonate Studio Sessions (2009) E/M

Everest                              Ghost Notes (2008) P/E/M

Eli Thomson:

Father John Misty                Touring Member (2014-Present) B

Two Sheds                           Assembling (2015) P/E

Delta Spirit                            History from Below (2010) P/E

Delta Spirit                             Ode to Sunshine (2007) E/M

Richard Swift                        Dressed for the Letdown (2007) E/B

Richard Swift                        The Novelist (2005) E/M/B

Richard Swift                         Walking Without Effort (2005) E/M/B

The Walkmen                         “Don’t Forget About Me” / Pussy Cats (2010) E/M

Aaron Lee Tasjan                   In the Blazes (2015) P/E/M

Dustin Lovelis                         Dimensions (2015) P/E/M

Everest                                   Ownerless (2012) B

Everest                                   On Approach (2010) B