New Monkey Studio

Official website for New Monkey Studio, home to professional modern digital and vintage analog recording.



Trident Triad A-Range (Early 1970’s vintage, 28 x input, 8 x bus, 24 x monitor)

Believed to be #3 of 13 total A-Range consoles that were built, used previously on recordings by Rush, The Police and Cat Stevens (and many more) before being purchased and installed at NMS by Elliott Smith

Recapped in January of 2005 and maintained by Charlie Bolois at Vertigo Recording Services since 2006 (including ultra-sonic cleanse)



Protools 11HD (Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, running on 2014 Mac Pro tower)

2 x Universal Audio Apollo 16 Interfaces (32+ Inputs/Outputs, via Thunderbolt)

Full Suite of Universal Audio Plugins (THANK YOU 4EvA UA!)


Analog Multi-Track / Mixdown Options

Alesis Masterlink CD Recorder/HD

Ampex ATR-102 2-Track ½” Tape Machine (Maintained by Charlie Bolois at VRS, formerly owned by Jane's Addiction)

Atari MTR10  2 Track  1/4" Tape Machine (set up to be used for tape slapback)

Sony MCI JH24 24-Track 2" Tape Machine (Maintained by Charlie Bolois at VRS)



Avantone Mix Cubes

DynAudio Acoustic BM15A (near-field) with BM14S Sub

Tannoy FSM (dual concentric, 2x15" mains)

Yamaha NS10


Headphone System

Furman HDS-16 Channel individual mix/monitor system



AKG D12 (vintage)

AKG D19c (x2, vintage)

AKG D190cs (vintage)

AKG D190E (x2, vintage)

AKG D112

AKG 414 EB

AKG 451 EB (x2)

AKG D160 E1

AKG C1000S (x2)

Audio-Technica Pro35X

Audio-Technica Pro37R

Audio-Technica Omni (boundary)

Audix D6

Beyer M-500 (ribbon)

Beyer TGX50

Blue Baby Bottle

CAD VX 2 (tube, w/ changeable capsule)

Coles 4038 (x2, ribbon)

Electro-Voice RE-20

Langevin CR3A (x2, vintage)

MXL 2003

Neumann U48A (vintage, tube)

Neumann U87 (vintage)

Neumann TLM 103

Royer SF12 (stereo, ribbon)

Sennheiser 421 (x2)

Shure SM7 (vintage)

Shure SM57 (x5)

Shure Unidyne 545 (vintage, SM57 precursor)

Shure Beta 57A

Shure Beta 58A (x2)

Shure Beta 52A

Shure 520DX bullet mic

Sony ECM MS907

Soundelux U95 (tube)

German mystery mic (vintage, tube)

Russian mystery mic (vintage, tube)



Alan Smart C1 Dual/Stereo Compressor

CBS Thompson Volumax 4111 Limiter (vintage, stereo)

DBX 166XL (compressor / limiter / gate)

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor (x2)

Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso Jr.

Eventide Omnipressor (*currently out for repairs)

Fairchild 670 (vintage, tube city, stereo model)

Gates Sta-Level (vintage, x2, serviced by Retro Instruments)

Ridge Farm Industries Boiler

Teletronix LA2A (vintage)

Trident Audio Stereo Compressor (vintage)

Universal Audio LA2A

Universal Audio 1176LN

Universal Audio 175 (vintage)

UREI 1176LN (vintage)

UREI LA4 (vintage, x2)

UREI LA3A (vintage, x2)


Outboard Mic Pre-Amps

Ampex 601 Tube Pre (vintage)

Aphex Thermonics 1100 (class-A tube pre w/ A/D converter)

API 312 (x4)

Brent Averil API 312 (x2)

Brent Averil Neve 1272 (x2)

John Hardy M1 (x2)

RCA Tube Pre (vintage)


Outboard Equalizers

API550a (x4)

K&H Tube EQ UE 1000 (vintage)

Krohn -Hite Filter 335R (vintage)

Krohn-Hite Filter 3100R (vintage)

Quad Eight (x4, vintage, Black face)

Siemens W295b (x2, vintage)


Outboard Effects

AKG BX20E1 Spring Reverb (vintage)

Deltalab Effectron II ADM 1024 Digital Delay

EMT-Franz EMT245 Digital Reverb (vintage)

Eventide Instant Phaser (1970's vintage)

Fender Tube Reverb Unit (1963 vintage, spring)

Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay (vintage)

Lexicon PCM 70

Maestro Echoplex EP-4 (vintage, tape delay)

MXR Flanger/Doubler

MXR Digital Time Delay

Roland Space Echo RE-201 (vintage, tape delay & spring reverb)

Sansamp PSA-1

Sony DRE-S777 Sampling Reverb

TC Electronics M1 Reverb

Ursa Major Space Station SST-282 (vintage)



(please confirm availability of key instruments prior to your session)



Ashbory Bass (silicone string)

Danelectro 12 String (electric, semi-hollow body)

Epiphone Casino (1967 vintage, original p-90 pickups, Bigsby)

Epiphone Granada 144T (1964 vintage, single coil pickup)

Epiphone Texan Acoustic (1966 vintage, magic guitar)

Fender Baritone Jaguar (setup like Fender Bass VI)

Fender Precision Bass (‘51 re-issue, Badass bridge upgrade)

Fender Telecaster (‘52 re-issue, Fralin custom pickups, Bigsby)

Fender Stratocaster (40th Anniversary model, Texas Special pickups)

Gibson SG Junior (mid 60's, single PAF humbucker, Bigsby)

Gibson SG Standard (1976 vintage, original humbuckers)

Gibson Les Paul Standard (Goldtop, ’59 re-issue humbuckers)

Hofner Verythin Bass HCT-500/7 (hollow body, flat wound strings, staple pickup)

Martin Soprano Ukulele 1 (early 1900's vintage)

Silvertone 1457 (early-mid 1960's vintage, semi-hollow, original lipstick pickups)

Taylor Baby Acoustic

Unknown Soprano Uke/Banjo (vintage)

Yamaha FG-90 Acoustic (early 70's vintage, currently in Nashville tuning)



Ampeg B-15n Bass combo amp (early 1970's vintage, 15” speaker)

Ampeg Gemini I (1965 vintage, reverb & tremolo, Jensen Special Design C12Q speaker)

Danelectro Challenger (1953, tube tremolo, footswitch)

Fender Tweed Champ (1962, all original, re-capped 2014, 1x8” original speaker re-coned 2015)

Fender Tweed Super (1958, 2 x 10” original Jensen P10N Alnico re-conned 2o12 & new Celestion Greenback, serviced 2013 by Bob Dixon)

Gibson GA-8 combo amp (1959, 1x10” speaker)

Gibson GA-20 combo amp (1953, all original, 1x12” Jensen P12R alnico speaker)

Hiwatt DR504 head & cab (50 watt, 4x12” Celestion Vintage 30 speakers)

Magnatone 280a amp (1950's vintage, true stereo vibrato, original 2x12” Oxford 12K5R-1 speakers, tweeters disabled)

Savage Audio Blitz 50 Amp (50 watt, 2x12” Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, class-A tube combo)

Silvertone 1483 speaker cabinet (1960’s vintage, original 15” Jensen C15N speaker)

Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve (1964, reverb & tremolo w/ footswitch & original 2x12” Jensen C12N speakers)

Tungsten Tweed Deluxe (Custom-built, Neil Young-like mods, 1x12” Jensen C12N speaker)

Vox AC-30/TB Amp (w/ 2x12” Celestion Blue Dog alnico speakers)



DW full hardware setup (plus other miscellaneous hardware)

DW drum throne

Ludwig Acrolite 14” snare (1960's vintage)

Ludwig(?) Mutt 14” wood snare (1960's vintage)

Miscellaneous high-hat, crash & ride cymbals (mostly Zildjian K's & A's) 

Pearl Steve Ferrone Signature Model 14” snare (Ludwig Black Beauty copy)

Slingerland Champagne Sparkle Kit (1965 vintage, w/ original 14” snare, 22” kick, 13” rack, 16” floor) 

Various percussion (plethora of tambourines, sleigh bells, shakers, claves, etc.)

Vintage drum throne



ARP Quartet keyboard (vintage)

Casio Casiotone 401 (vintage)

Casio SK-1 keyboard (vintage)

Casio VL-Tone keyboard (vintage)

Imperiale Harmonium (1950's vintage, reed organ)

Kawaii MP9000 (88 weighted-key stage piano, formerly owned by ES)

M-Tron Pro Software (with full Optigan expansion, on Mac Pro)

Strohber upright piano (1917 vintage, made in Chicago)

Univox Stringman keyboard (vintage)

US-built upright piano (1930's vintage, refurbished)

Various vintage toy pianos (Jaymar, etc.)

Various controllers

Yamaha Motif ES (keyboard rack unit)



Distorion / Fuzz / Overdrive:

AnalogMan Astro Fuzz (Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx clone w/ improvements)

Arbiter Fuzz Face (NKT275, modded by original FF builder Denis Cornell) 

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver (JHS TS-808 upgrades / Fuzzstain Mod)

Boss DS-1 Distortion (JHS Pedals Synth-Drive Mod w/ glitchy fuzz synth options)

Boss RV-2 Digital Reverb (Verb)

Carl’s Custom Pedals (Univibe / Phase 90)

Catalinbread FuzzRite (V2, accurate update of Mosrite Fuzz Rite)

Colorsound “Fuzz Box” (aka One Knob Fuzz, Si)

Colorsound Tone Bender (Thin Case, ’76 Jumbo Tone Bender circuit)

Creepy Fingers Fuzz Bud (Colorsound Fuzz-Wah circuit)

Crowther Audio Hot Cake (Distortion)

Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard (Harmonic Generator Inter-modulator)

Diaz Texas Square Face (Fuzz Face circuit)

Diaz Texas Ranger (Treble boost)

DOD FX 25 Envelope Filter

Dunlap Fuzz Face (Early 90’s, Ge NKT 275 Red Dot)

Dunlap Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies Fuzz (Octavia fuzz circuit without octave-up)

Earthquaker Devices Terminal (modded Shin-Ei Companion FY-2 fuzz)

Electro-Harmonix / Sovtek Big Muff Pi (Early 90’s Russian-made, green, bubble font)

Electro-Harmonix / Sovtek Big Muff Pi (Early 90's Russian-made, black version) 

Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff (Similar to Green Russian-made Big Muff)

Electro-Harmonic Big Muff Pi (1980 vintage, NYC-made)

Electro- Harmonix Big Muff Pi (2001 reissue, NYC-made)

Electro-Harmonix Bass Soul Food (Klon klone w/ blend knob for bass)

Freakshow Effects “9” (Dirty boost)

Fredric Effects Mutant Fuzz (clone of Os Mutantes approved Regulus VIII Fuzz, SI FF variant)

Fredric Effects Unpleasant Companion (Shin-ei FY-2 Fuzz Clone)

Fulltone ’69 Fuzz (Ge Fuzz Face)

GreedtoneOverdrive (Dual)

Ibanez SD-9 Sonic Distortion

Ibanez TS-9 TubeScreamer (AnalogMan Ts-808 Mod)

Jext Telez White Pedal (Vox Conqueror modeled distortion/fuzz, V1)

JHS Angry Charlie (Marshall JCM 800-like distortion)

JHS Superbolt (Vintage Supro amp-like overdrive)

JMI Professional Tone Bender Mark II (Ge Fuzz)

Klon KTR (Boutique boost/ overdrive)

Maestro FZ-1a Fuzz-Tone (Reissue)

MXR Blue Box Script (MojoMods volume fix)

MXR Distortion + (Distortion)

MXR Micro Amp (Boost)

Nobels ODR-1 Plus (Overdrive)

ProCo Rat (vintage, Distortion)

Roland Bee Gee AF-60 (vintage fuzz)

Roland Double Beat (vintage fuzz wah)

Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx (AnalogMan Astro Fuzz Mod)

Shin-ei Companion FY-2 (late 60's vintage fuzz)

Shin-ei / Univox Super Fuzz FY-6 (late 60's vintage fuzz with octave up, branded Shaftesbury)

Tone Bakery Crème Brulee (Klon clone with mid-bump)

Way Huge Piercing Moose Clone (Octave fuzz)

Zinky Master Blaster (Boost)


Echo / Delay / Time Based:

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus

Boss DM-2 (Bucket brigade analog delay)

Boss DM-3 (Bucket brigade analog delay)

Boss FRV-1 (’63 spring reverb emulation pedal)

Boss TR-2 (JHS Versa-trem Mod)

Boss RE-20 Space Echo (Delay & reverb)

Carlsbro ADT (1970's vintage automatic double tracking / chorus / vibrato) 

Colorsound Tremolo (Vox-style tremolo)

Cusak Music Tap-A-Whirl (V1, analog tap tempo tremolo w/ 8 predefined wave forms)

Diaz Tremodillo (Early model, tremolo)

Dunlop Univibe UV-1 (Early 90’s chrome version)

Fender ’63 Tube Spring Reverb (Vintage outboard reverb)

Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere (tube-pre Leslie simulator)

Ibanez AD-9 (Analog delay)

Line 6 Echo Park (Digital delay / reverse)

Maestro Ep-4 Echoplex (Tape delay)

MXR Carbon Copy (Analog delay w/ modulation)

MXR Phase 90

MXR Phase 99 (custom shop, dual Phase 90)

MXR M234 Stereo Chorus

Pearl PH-44 Phaser

Roland BF-1 Flanger (1970's vintage)

Roland RE-201 Space Echo (Vintage tape delay & reverb)

TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler (stereo double/triple tracking)



Barber Electronics Tone Press (V1, Parallel compressor)

Earnie Ball Volume pedal

JHS Pulp’N’Peel (Compressor)

MXR Dyna-Comp (JHS  Dyna-Ross Mod compressor)

MXR Noise Gate / Line Driver

Pearl SU-19 Stereo Noise Suppressor (vintage)

Shin-Ei / JAX volume pedal (vintage)

Vox V847 Wah-Wah



Boss RC-2 Loop Station

Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation (Noise loop intermodulator)

E-Bow (Handheld note sustainer)

Earthquaker Devices Organizer (Polyphonic organ emulator)

Earthquaker Devices Arpanoid (arpeggiator)

Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine (Pitch synth magic)

Electro-Harmonix Freeze (Note/Chord sustainer)

Electro-Harmonix RTG (Random tone generator)

Fender Fuzz / Wah / Volume (JG volume pedal mod)

Fredric Effects Klon Buffer

JHS Stutter Switch (Momentary mute)

MXR 6-Band EQ

Slides, capos, etc.

Various tuners

Violin bow



Beyer toy xylophone

Big Briar Theremin

Evil Instruments Inebriation Robot

Oscar Schmidt 21-chord Autoharp




Also of note, the studio was redecorated and refurbished in 2012 to improve vibe and comfort (including new carpet, paint, and amenity fixtures).